12 MX honored for excellence

  • Published
  • By Bob Hieronymus
  • Wingspread staff writer
The 12th Maintenance Directorate held a special Director's Call Nov. 9 to thank the people of the directorate for their excellent performance during the recent 19th Air Force Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team inspection.

"Word from the inspection team was they had never seen better than what they found in the 12th MX," said Ronald Patterson, 12th Maintenance Directorate director of maintenance.

The report, released Oct. 23, included the results of 1,458 specific points of evaluation. The inspection team identified one "Best Practice," six honorable mentions, and reported that 99 percent of the personnel passed their proficiency tests.

"This was a full team effort," Mr. Patterson said, as he thanked the people of the directorate assembled in Hangar 4. "Everyone in the organization pulled their own weight and the team benefited from their efforts."

Mr. Patterson said the team's professional attitude, during the inspection was commendable.

"The end product is proven in the successful flying mission of the whole wing," he said. "We can take pride in that."