12th Flying Training Wing

12th Flying Training Wing

The 12 FTW is responsible for four single-source aviation pipelines – Pilot Instructor Training, Combat Systems Officer Training, Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Pilot Indoctrination, and Basic Sensor Operator Qualification.  The wing manages all airmanship programs for USAFA cadets and Initial Flight Training for all Air Force Airmen scheduled to enter pilot, combat systems officer or remotely-piloted aircraft training.  The wing also hosts an Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals program and conducts Electronic Warfare Training for the U.S. Air Force and multi-national forces. 

12th Operations Group
The 12th OG forges aviators by conducting training in three different aircraft. The group contains one support squadron, a training squadron which supports all students, and five flying squadrons. The unit's mission includes pilot instructor training, introduction to fighter fundamentals student and instructor pilot training, weapons systems officer training, and remotely piloted aircraft pilot and basic sensor operator training.  

306th Flying Training Group 
The 306th FTG, located at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., provides management and oversight of Academy airmanship programs involving 2,500 cadets annually and of the U.S. Air Force Initial Flight Training (IFT) program involving approximately 2,200 undergraduate flight training candidates annually. The group ensures powered flight, soaring and parachuting courses contribute measurably to the leadership and character development of cadets. Additionally, the group ensures quality initial flight training and identifies those officers with the ability to succeed in follow-on undergraduate flight training.  

479th Flying Training Group
The 479th Flying Training Group, located at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., is the U.S. Air Force's only training pipeline for combat systems officers. The 479th Operations Support Squadron, 479th Student Squadron, 455th Flying Training Squadron, and the 451st Flying Training Squadron work in concert to graduate as many as 400 CSOs annually. These CSOs are trained to perform duties as electronic warfare officers, weapon systems officers, and panel navigators. In addition to overseeing the CSO training program, the 479th FTG also oversees an intelligence flight. 

12th Maintenance Group
The 12th Maintenance Group was reorganized in January, 2017 from a directorate and has three squadrons. It is entirely manned by civil servants. The group executes more than 40,000 flight hours annually supporting six training operations squadrons. The agency is responsible for overall fleet health for 189 aircraft assigned at both JBSA-Randolph and NAS Pensacola. The group provides on-equipment and off-equipment maintenance support for T-1A, T-6 and T-38C aircraft. Aircraft maintenance is performed using 20 separate facilities including management of the base Repair Cycle Management Program, avionics, electrical and aerospace ground equipment, Quality Assurance, as well as aircraft sheet metal and structural fabrication and repair. The group also operates a Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory, the regional paint blasting facility, oversees the Transient Alert function and T-38C, T-6A and T-1A Contractor Operated and Maintained Base Supply functions.

(As of Dec. 12, 2018)