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TIG Brief Magazine

Published quarterly, TIG Brief provides authoritative guidance and information to Airmen to improve the performance of inspectors and those they inspect. 

TIG Brief began in 1943 as the weekly Air Inspector Briefs of Current Regulations and Directives. The magazine changed its name to TIG Brief in 1948, evolving over the decades as it underwent constant improvement in format, style and presentation of inspection-oriented content to remain a progressive, essential publication. 

No payment can be made for manuscripts submitted for publication in TIG Brief. Contributions are welcome, as are comments. The editor reserves the right to edit manuscripts for length and content. Air Force organizations are authorized to reprint articles from TIG Brief, provided credit is given.

The contents of this magazine are nondirective and should not be construed as instructions, regulations, technical orders or directives unless so stated. Distribution is via direct mail.